How to change the PHP version in cPanel?

  • October 13, 2022

Today we will see how we can change the PHP version in cPanel. cPanel is one of the most popular web control panels where PHP is a highly used web back-end language. 

Here we'll change the version from 7.3 to 7.4 using the Jupiter theme. The different theme represents the other interface. So, it may possible to not match the UI with our tutorial. But, the instruction and function names are the same for this with every theme of cPanel. Just follow the instruction step by step to make it successful.

Step 01: Let's log in to our cPanel dashboard. The cPanel dashboard default port is 2083 or 2082. Use one of those ports with server IP or domain name.

Step 02: After successfully logging in to the cPanel, search for Select PHP Version. We can find it under the Software section or from the Searchbox.

Step 03: Click on the Select PHP Version. There we'll get PHP Selector. Under the My Domains section, we'll find the Current PHP Version from where we can change the version.

Step 04: Click on the version number e.g. 7.3 (current). A drop-down menu will be unfolded. We'll find all the old to new PHP versions there. We'll select 7.4 which is the last oldest version that is not deprecated. After selecting version 7.4, we should click on Set as default.

Step 05: The work has been done successfully. Now, 7.4 is the current version of PHP for all the domains connected to this cPanel.

NB. Before changing the PHP version, make sure your website script is compatible with the latest version. If not, ask your web developer to upgrade the PHP libraries.

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