How to change Nameserver from BTCL Panel

  • January 2, 2023

BTCL (Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited) offers Domain Extension with ".bd". It can be "", "", "" and so on. You can find all available Domain Extensions, their Rate & F&Q from here:

Today, we'll discuss how we can change nameservers from the BTCL panel after purchasing a domain name from them. Here, we'll make this tutorial with the domain name. Follow the step-by-step instructions to do it successfully.

Step 01: First, we need to login into the Domain Access Panel of BTCL. Follow the given link to login into that panel.

Login Link:

If the direct login link doesn't work, visit the home page at

You have to purchase a Domain Name from them before starting this procedure. 

Step 02: After successfully logging into the Domain Access Panel, we'll see an interface like the below one.

We need to click on Manage Records option. After clicking on it, a pop-up window will be opened. 

We need to select the right Domain Name from the domain list & click on the Continue button. The page will be reloaded & another interface will be displayed. 

Step 03: We'll find three fields. Those are,

  1. Primary Domain Name Server(DNS)
  2. Secondary Domain Name Server(DNS)
  3. Tertiary Domain Name Server(DNS)

We have to write the Primary Domain Name Server & Secondary Domain Name Server that we'll get from our Hosting provider. 

Here. for the USA hosting package, cornQ has two nameservers. So, we are going to setup cornQ nameservers in BTCL panel for this tutorial.

The primary one is & the secondary nameserver is Here, I'm writing these.

Now we need to hit the Submit button & BOOM!

It'll take some time to propagate the IP with the Domain Name. Sometimes, it takes 24 H to update the nameservers. So, keep patience. It may take a few minutes to propagate.

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