Internet Download Manager Registration Guide

  • July 26, 2022

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is the fastest download manager for Windows with a lot of features. Today from this registration guide we'll learn how to register the IDM using the serial number (S/N) that is purchased from us.

If you didn't purchase the Internet Download Manager serial number yet then do it right now from here. We have both yearly and lifetime license support.

Let's learn how to do this.

Step 01:

Run IDM and enter your S/N in the registration dialog. The registration menu item becomes disabled once you will have registered IDM.

Step 02:

Please don't mix 0 (zero) and O (ou), I (ai) and 1 (one) while typing your S/N in the registration dialog! COPY PASTE your S/N!

Open IDM registration e-mail, select your S/N, right click on it and pick "Copy" menu item.

Step 03:

In the IDM registration dialog, enter your personal data, right click in the S/N field and pick the "Paste" menu item.

After the registration, pick "Help→About" from IDM main window. You should have the full version. Compare with the picture below:

Note that if you have an OLD version of IDM (4.xx and earlier) installed, please do the following 3 steps:

01. Download the full-featured version of IDM at first using the special link from your IDM registration email. If you have lost your IDM registration e-mail, you may use this link to get your download link and S/N automatically.
02. Open the downloaded file, follow installation instructions.
03. Register Internet Download Manager with your S/N.

If you Windows Vista or Windows 7 you may need to run IDM with administrator rights. Exit IDM (use "Tasks→Exit" menu item). Then right click on the IDM launch icon in the Windows programs launch menu and select "Run as administrator" (please look at the picture below). Then register IDM with your personal S/N, exit IDM again and launch it normally.

Source: This tutorial is collected from IDM official site (here).

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