How to login Webuzo Control Panel as a client?

  • October 26, 2023

In this article, we'll learn how we can log in to the Webuzo control panel as a client.

What is Webuzo?

Webuzo is a Web Hosting Panel that helps to host websites, manage email services and so on. 

Which is the default port of Webuzo?

The default port for the Webuzo control panel is 2003 for the end users. 

Webuzo Login Procedure

We must write a web address using the following format to log in to the Webuzo control panel.

Format 01: 

Format 02:

Format 03:

Webuzo Login URL

For format 01, you may face a security warning due to not issuing an SSL cert. for IP.

For format 03, you may face the same issue until the SSL cert. will not be issued.

So, format 02 is recommended for the first time log in.

You will find a username & password submission form like this. 

Webuzo Login Interface

Enter the username & password into those two field. Then hit the Login button. 

Webuzo Dashboard

Congratulations! Following this way you can log in to the Webuzo control panel as an end user or client.

NB. If the 2003 port will not work for you, then try 2002 or 2004. If none of them won't be workable then ask your provider to provide you with the correct port number.

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