How to Pay cornQ through Gateway?

  • August 15, 2022


This article is about paying cornQ for the previous purchased package & recurring package. Please follow the step by steps to pay the bill successfully.

Step 01: Log in to your profile through the cornQ portal.

Portal Link:

Direct Login URL: Log in

After successfully logging in the system redirect you to the Dashboard section. If you'll miss the redirection please click here to visit your dashboard. 

You'll find a UI like the following one.

There is an Outstanding Invoices section. All due invoices are shown there. Let, you want to pay Invoice #1470

Step 02: Click on the Invoice #1470. There you'll find the invoice in detail. 

You'll find the invoice is Not Paid & the due amount is also there. Mark on Pay with Gateway & then click on PAY INVOICE. The system will open the gateway module.

Step 03: From the getaway, select your desired payment option. 

Then, the gateway will load with a new window. Submit necessary information and click on Verify.

BANK Payment:

Click on Bank Transfer. Upload the soft copy of the payment slip and click on SUBMIT button.

What type of payment slip do we accept?

  1. Deposit Slip
  2. Online Banking Transaction screenshot.

Don't upload the cheque.

NB. We manually handle our payment procedure. So, Be patient after paying the bill. We'll review and keep updated ASAP.

To check out our available payment options, click here.

If you don't find the payment option that you want t use then feel free to contact us a [email protected] or [email protected].

You may also open a ticket through our support system. Click here to open a ticket. 

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