How to Login Webuzo Panel from the CORNQ Client Portal?

  • December 30, 2023

This article will teach us how to log in to the Webuzo Panel from the CORNQ Client Portal.

Please follow the step-by-step guide to do it. 

Step 01: Log in to the CORNQ Client Portal:

Log in to your account's dashboard from here. You may check out the Must Need section.

Step 02: Go To Dashboard:

Click here to go to the CORNQ Client Portal Dashboard Page.

Step 02: Navigate Package/Service Section:

Scroll down to find the Package/Service section. In this section, Active, cancelled & expired packages will be displayed.

Step 03: Log in to the Webuzo Panel from the CORNQ Client Portal

Login can be done in two ways. 

Way 01: Login from the Dashboard Directly:

Click on the wheel icon. A drop-down option will be opened. 

Click on the "Login to Webuzo" option.

Way 02: Login from the package details page:

Click on the package title. The system will be redirected to the Package details page. 

Under "Quick Actions," "Login to Webuzo" will be on the left side. Click on that option to log in to the Webuzo Panel.

Extra: From Mobile Device:

From the Mobile devices, we can log in to the Webuzo panel directly from the Dashboard or Package Details page. Here, I'm showing how to log in to the Webuzo Panel from the CORNQ Client Portal on Mobile devices.

Click on the package title from the Dashboard to visit the Package Details page. There, a hamburger icon will be found. After clicking on it, some necessary options will be displayed under the Overview section. 

Click on the Login to Webuzo from there to log in to the Webuzo Panel.

Must Need:

  1. Account with CORNQ: If you don't have an account with us, then register your account with us through the Sign Up Page. To recover your password, use the forget password function. 

  2. Webuzo Web Hosting Package: Purchase the Webuzo page from the Webuzo Order Page.


Without login to the CORNQ client portal, we can also log in to the Webuzo page directly using a separate username & password, which are dedicated to the Webuzo Panel. Go through the following article for this. 


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